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2021 Meeting Minutes/ Agendas/ Audio recordings/advisories/notices and Order according to date. Limited available.   Still under construction.
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NOVEMBER 2021 First Meeting with Crystal Simmons 

PIONEER is a new, strategic leveraging program created by the Greene County Commissioners using ACT 13 funding and other available funds for Townships, Water and Sewage Authorities, and other eligible service providers that have made a commitment to provide and/or improve infrastructure.


Tuesday, November 30, 2021 at 6:30 p.m.
Call to Order/Welcome and Introductions
Purpose of Meeting:
This is the first of two public meetings concerning the County's FY 2022 CDBG Discretionary Program and application process. This meeting is to inform and encourage citizens to participate in the CDBG planning
and evaluation process and allows Greene County Commissioners to obtain and respond to citizen views, comments and/or proposals related to the use of funds being applied for as well as the actual prior use of CDBG funds.

Program Goals and objectives:
1. Principally benefit low to moderate income (LMI) persons and families.
2. Aid in the prevention or elimination of slum or blight.
3. Meet other community development needs of a particular urgency.
Eligible Applicants:
State Act 179 defines the eligible applicants for CDBG funds in areas of the commonwealth that do not receive CDBG funds directly from HUD.
Eligible/Ineligible Activities:
Because the Eligible Activities section of the State CDBG regulations (refer to 570.482 in Appendix B) are minimal, the states must use the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974 (HCDA) as the primary
authority for determining eligibility of potential state CDBG activities.
The County of Greene is responsible to replace all occupied and vacant occupiable LMI dwelling units that may be demolished or converted to another use. Prior to obligating or expending funds that will result in 
the demolition or conversion of LMI housing units, Greene County will publicize and provide opportunity for citizen comment.
Prior Use of CDBG Discretionary Program Funds:
Monongahela Township Stoney Hill Water Line Replacement, Wayne Township Water Meter Replacement and First and Chestnut Water Line Replacements, Waynesburg Borough Main Interceptor Rehabilitation
2021 CDBG funds available:

The County of Greene, intends to apply for approximately $1,000,000 from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. At least 70% of the available funding must be used for activities which benefit LMI persons.
The following types of activities may be eligible for annual entitlement funding:
water and sewer line replacement and improvements
housing rehab and/or construction of affordable housing
Examples of Eligible Projects, 2022 awarded - 3 months to assign projects
FALL Construction

1 Page Draft agenda all information is for the purpose of review and discussions A EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY


Tuesday, November 30, 2021 at 6:30 p.m.
Project Review
East Dunkard Water Authority (EDWA) service area, plans to pursue contributions to address the immediate needs/water loss, Southwestern Pennsylvania Water Authority (SPWA) interconnection,
short term goals of rehabilitation using discretionary CDBG funds, and the long term goal of acquisition.

1. Scope of Work: Identify all immediate needs with a direct effect on the distribution system which would need repaired regardless of the interconnection.
     a. Comprehensive list and scope of work with maps

     b. 2 Kirby
2. Water Leaks: Identifying water leaks reduces expense of water purchase.
3. Proposed Interconnections estimated
1 Sugar Grove 500,000-800,000 to make

4. Financial Analysis: Assessment of the viability, stability, and profitability of Edwa Buy Water
Michael Foreman, Local Government Policy Specialist recommendations.
<i. Request for Qualifications
ii. Determine cost of analysis
- Select firm - few months to StART
5. PENNVEST: Potential formal request for forbearance or deferment pending financial analysis.
6. DEP Operator Outreach DE P parther programs 3million debt on time
7. PIONEER: Potential Infrastructure Opportunities Needing External Expenditures and Resources Payment leveraging Program for 50/50 match program. onfinanual Extended Management Capacity
"County-leveraging program
b. Financial Analysis
encourage Authe township gire map to county 50% 
Edwa operating Swealicense $150,000 from Hurshmensine
pursue all available funds and address immediate needs (that also compliment the interconnect) Simonitu handle to include DEP list of required repairs*
2) Complete a Financial Analysis and work with DEP Outreach
3) Determine feasibility of water purchase with the ability to also operate in the interim of acquisition*
a. If YES, finalize water purchase agreement with SPWA with agreement to follow thru with acquisition
b. If NO, present a formal request to PennVest Loan Committee

* In order to pursue CDBG Funds an agreement between EDWA and SPWA is required. The agreement must outline EDWA intentions to move forward with water purchase and an acquisition project once feasibility and immediate needs are met. This agreement should set a goal for final acquisition.
Closing Remarks/Comments


Tuesday, November 30, 2021 at 6:30 p.m.
Examples of Eligible Projects (continued)

construction/reconstruction of public/community/ recreational facilities
public services that are new or provide quantifiable increases in the delivery of services
street improvements
historic preservation
removal of architectural barriers
code enforcement
economic development including acquisition and relocation, clearance and demolition
general administration, planning, audit if required, and preparation of the CDBG application
Application Procedure/Time Schedule
Submit comments and project requests to:

Crystal Simmons, Director Greene County CDBG Program
Greene County Community Development Block Grant Program
93 High Street, Suite 210
Waynesburg, PA 15370
E: F: 724-852-5372 P: 724-852-5260
Comment and Submission Deadlines
Comments will be accepted to December 10, 2021.
Annual entitlement application submission deadline is February 3, 2020
Greene County Application must be finalized by January 15, 2022


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