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2022 Meeting Minutes/ Agendas/ Audio recordings/advisories/notices and Order according to date.  Still under construction.
January 3rd 
We have posted minutes from the township supervisors becuase a decision was being made in reference to a new baord member. Not only do we have both meeting minutes, but we also have a citizen who recording in detail the meeting minutes of this date.  Excerpt from meeting above is below,  as before mentioned: 

Motion to fill the vacancy on the East Dunkard Water Authority Board. Motion made. Discussion. Three letters of interest.. Roger Franks Tracy Pekar Gary Mozac FILLING Gary Vincy seat as he had resigned.  motion made by Roger Franks to appoint Tracy, seconded, all were in favor.. No other Discussion

Public hearing at 6:00 PM on January 21, 2022 at the Bobtown Civic Club


Hearing NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED USE OF COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT BLOCK GRANT (CDBG) FUNDS FOR THE GREENE COUNTY FEDERAL FISCAL YEAR 2022 CDBG PROGRAM Notice is hereby given that the County of Greene and will conduct a meeting at 777 Larimer Ave, Bobtown PA 15315.


The purpose of the hearing is to obtain citizen views and comments on the County's proposed use of $1,145,475.10 in Federal Fiscal Year 2022 CDBG discretionary funds to receive any complaints or grievances regarding the Countys CDBG funds. This meeting is accessible to individuals with disabilities and/or for persons with Limited English Proficiency. If you wish to attend and require special accommodations, please notify the CDBG Administrator office 72 hours in advance of the public hearing at 724-852-5260 or to make such arrangements.


The projects proposed for funding and to be discussed at the hearing include: COMMUNITY PROJECT BUDGET East Dunkard Water Authority System Wide Water Rehabilitation $ 1,041,341.00 Administration $ 104,134.10 Total Grant Request $ 1,145,475.10 These proposed activities plan for no displacement of any persons or affordable housing units. The activities will benefit 70% low to moderate income residents. 1-16

January 21st 2022

Public notice via Call on 1-28-2022 1:11pm

The Residents of Dunkard township/ customers can pick up a case of water at the water plant between 9am - 7pm due to the ongoing boil water alert. 1 per household. for more information please contact EDWA water authority or see their online notices at website above. until supplies last...

Another Phone call at 4:30pm. 1-28-22 Out of bottled water at water plant. EDWA will be working on getting more. 

Bottled water should be available even though the water advisory has been Dissmissed. 

February 3rd 2022

Audio Recording from Public Water Meeting Dated February 3rd 6:00pm Public Meeting.. 

Meeting agenda is also on this page which you can view while listening.. 

This is the second highest level of free chlorine that was shown all year.

In the February 3rd meeting of the EDWA board, someone claimed that on the 27th they took a shower and went to bed and woke up and couldn't see. He went to the ER and was diagnosed with chemical burns.

This is a chart of the free chlorine as reported by the EDWA software to the PA DEP Drinking Water Registry System.

*edit post: I'm going to file a RTK for the disinfection byproduct data for the EDWA. I think it may be what's causing the excessive chlorine smell and skin irritations.

ROBO CALL 3:00pm : Boil advisory has been lifted. 


New boil Alert march 11th 2022: robo call alert.. 


MARCH APRIL 2022 Post via Facebook Mike Belding: "The Salvation Army of Greene County will be accepting donations of bottled water or money to purchase water for the residents affected by the latest EDWA boil water notice. Donations may be dropped off at 131 West First Street in Waynesburg."

Also Donations of Bottled Water and Monetary were given from several Donors in the area for Dunkard township Residents. This information is available on Facebook through several sources. River side market also donated 2 pallets of water to EDWA as well as Green County Memorial Hospital Foundation who helped out in a monetary donation for bottled water, according to sources.

NEW ContinueWATER BOIL ADVISORY APRIL 12th 11:00am Via Robo CALL

Water advisory has not been lifted.. April 7th 2022

Meeting recording from phone April 7th 2022.. Public meeting. audio only. Recording started at 6:17pm... via phone meeting. 1 hour and 36 minutes. Meeting agenda below. 

Audio from August 17th 2022 meeting Public Comment period. EDWA. Not required by the sunshine act but the Board was informed they were being recorded. This specific audio was provided to the community by another source. 

August 26th Township Supervisors notice for edwa Board position.png

Audio from September 1st 2022 meeting Public Comment period. EDWA. Not required by the sunshine act but the Board was informed they were being recorded. Here is the meeting in its entirety for the public Comment period. We will be including seperated segments of the questions and answers provided on social media by one of our community here soon.


We have included Meeting Minutes from september 8th 2022 Township Supervisors meetings in regard to items on the agenda for EDWA. Access it below. 

Posted September 12th 2022 on social Media. 

9-12-2022 posting.png

Below are two segements from the enitre meeting for EDWA september 21st 2022

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