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Combined Message from the editors of Voice of Dunkard:

    We are Grateful that so many came together in upholding

our individual rights as property owners within our township. Zoning has been halted In dunkard township and we will continue to monitor anything and everything further on these matters and other matters going forward.


    We feel that the rights of the People should always

be upheld by the consitution of our state of Pennsylvania and our Republics Constitution of these United States of America. 

We continue to fight for our Rights forward on issues brought

forward regarding Our rights and upholding all of our Ammendment rights in our state and National Constitutions. We have much work forward and will stand by what our founding fathers put forth not only in our township, our county, our state but within our nation. In God we put our Trust! 


 God bless us all as we continue forward on all fronts in the year of our lord, Jesus Christ, for 2022. 

Stay Vigilent my friends!

No Zoning, The citizens of dunkard have spoken.



Click the link below to see the township page on our website with the current Proposed zoning ordinance and also the map. 

Some articles we found with the problem's in relation to zoning below. we highly encourage you to browse and read!


Author- Jodi Shoemaker Via Facebook

I stand with those in full opposition to zoning of Dunkard Township, however it’s so much greater than it seems. The level of government overreach in America today is beyond measure. Control over medicine and health, food administration, dictation of school curriculum, transgender use of restrooms, gun control, prohibition of mining and burning of coal, force of one size fits all healthcare plans, monetary policies, changing of history, and the cancellation of law enforcement in exchange for lawlesness has overly enraged the conservative population. There are 25 things our Bill of Rights protects us from and they are slowly diminishing. Government control only leads to more government control and I’m not ready to hand over my hometown. I’m not content with staying asleep and warming up to socialism. So many people remain quiet in fear of losing their position in society or perhaps their job. Right now in America, right now in Dunkard Township is not the time to remain silent. If zoning comes to us I guarantee the character of our community will not remain the same. Our small community shares a culture. The way we view things, our values, our way of life….. I was born and raised here. I own a small business here. I raised my children here. Although I teach kindergarten in Morgantown I sure don’t want it in my backyard and I’m thankful during my commute when I cross that county line for home. If you’re like me and something inside you just isn’t right about this then it isn’t. I can't repress the feeling that something is coming. That the thin line between rural and urban America is diminishing. We as humans have the innate ability to sense when someone is being dishonest, when someone is hiding something. Loss of eye contact, change in voice tone, body gestures all speak without words. That's the feeling I had at the last meeting when the attorney made the statement " Well, that's what government is !!". Didn't feel to me like "Of the people, by the people, for the people". Let's stand together to do our best in turning this around. Roots run deep in dirt, not concrete.

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