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Veterans Memorials In Dunkard township


From the Veterans Memorial in Bobtown PA

Veterans Memorial in Taylortown, Dunkard Township, pa

taylortown Vets.jpg
Picture taken December 8th 2021
Lets take a Day..

*Editors Note* 

    Veterans Memorials in our Township are a vital Remembrance of those who fought and served to protect our country and they are a very important Historical significance we should always keep up on as a vital part of our history for future generations.  I think we as the community should do all that we can to remember and honor their sacrifice by keeping these memorials in good shape and also taking some time to ensure they are cleaned up and in good condition.  Perhaps we can bring together a group of folks willing to volunteer to take a day to help some of these important memorials that have not got the attention they deserve and help them remain in good Condition.


Any input on this can be extended to God Bless. 

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